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bar soap

Goat's Milk Soap

Our beautiful handmade goat's milk soap is made from non-gmo olive oil and all organic natural vegetable oils. Made from scratch in small batches. They are then wrapped with handmade paper, and labeled with our old family photos.
large bar - $7.00

large bar 7.3 ounce bars.

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Woodland - $7.00
This cedar,juniper bars smells of the deep woods. A earthy bar for all those guys.
Sweet Earth - $7.00
Lavender and patchouli essential oils give a warm, earthy scent to this bar. One of our best sellers at Eugene Saturday Market.
Cherry Almond Poppyseed - $7.00
A very soothing bar for dry skin. Superfatted with sweet almond oil and filled with organic ground oatmeal and exfoliating poppyseeds.
Red Currant - $7.00
Sweet, citrusy and floral. A great scent that leaves your skin feeling fabulous.
Willamette Valley Peppermint - $7.00
Nothing beats the refreshing, uplifting scent of Willamette Valley peppermint essential oil. Combined with dried peppermint leave we grow right here at the barn.
Mandarin Lemongrass - $7.00
So fresh and citrusy with extra shea butter for much needed skin repair from the sun.
TeaTree & Lemon - $7.00
All esssential oils this tea tree , lemon bar is clean and fresh.
By the sea - $7.00
All essential oil bar smells just like the sea , grapefruit, bergamot, and clove make this bar unique. Topped off with a sprinkle of dead sea salt .
Pear Cardamom - $7.00
Fruit and spice all in one.
Fridays Thieves - $7.00
Our very own perfect blend of essential oils to kill bacteria.
Moonlight - $7.00
If you love citrus you will love this creamy bar.
Unscented Goat's Milk - $7.00
Creamy Bar of Goat's Milk and soothing oatmeal

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